How to make money donating your eggs

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Smart? Good genes? Need Money? You've probably seen the advertisements in campus magazines, and fliers nailed to trees, offering thousands of dollars to women who are willing to donate their eggs.

But is it worth doing? For example, is egg donation painful? What are the long term effects? And just how much money can you expect to make? Find out below.

Egg donation allows women whose ovaries do not produce healthy eggs to become pregnant using another woman's donated eggs. In the United States, eggs donors can net anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 (the upper-limit recommended by The American Society of Reproductive Medicine). At Weill Cornell, the compensation per egg donation cycle is $8,000, including a free medical screening. The medical college outlines the standard steps for egg donation, which requires about a four-week time commitment.

During the egg donation cycle, patients are injected with fertility drugs so that the ovaries make more mature eggs than normal. (Eligible women are generally between the ages of 21 and 35 sicne older women's eggs don't respond as well to fertility drugs). The actual egg retrieval procedure takes about 20 minutes, but may require several days of recovery. Donors should be aware of the risks involved in the egg donation process (largely related to the hormones used) before signing up.

Donors supply eggs for fertilization, providing a great benefit to those who are unable to start a family. In return for their time and sacrifice, donors — typically college and graduate students — often receive large sums of money. Eggs (called oocytes in scientific jargon) are also donated for research purposes, including stem cell research.

Egg donors make motherhood possible for many women who are unable to use their own eggs to conceive. Thanks to the generosity of anonymous egg donors, more than 1,000 Shady Grove Fertility patients have become mothers through our egg donation program. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we think it is important for you to understand a couple of things:
First, our egg donation process is completely anonymous. The identification of our Egg Donors will never be revealed to recipients.
Second, the Egg Donation Process requires an extensive time commitment that could last several weeks. Due to this commitment, egg donors receive generous compensation for their time.

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