How to write article for Moneymakeia

If you want to write article for Moneymakeia you are cool. And this is your short guide how to start it easier. The first article could be slightly painful if you have never wrote for wiki site before. But after the first one, as you have mastered essential features you will be able to contribute for any wiki. Either, Moneymakeia, Wikipedia or any of wiki site. All they work similarly. Hence, it is really worthy to learn how to write for wiki site.

1. Type title of article in the left menu bar and click 'new page' button

How to write article for Moneymakeia

Do not think about title too much, you will better know how to name it after that as you finish work on it. Then, you will be able to rename it as you want and URL address can be changed as well any time later.

Remember. It is highly recommended to not change URL name in the future as search engines like Google and others index this concrete web address, and social signals as Facebook likes, Google Pluses, Tweets and others lead to concrete URL. If you change it after some time, then the page will lose its accumulated popularity across the internet. So, change URL page just once, when you finished your article and ready to show it to the World.

2. Fill in page

Use our Help page to find out general features and how to use them. Help button could be found at the left menu bar from any page of Moneymakeia.
Another reference to use is Wikidot Community, forum where many questions already answered. If not, you can ask yours. Experienced wiki users are always happy to help you.

Let's use for example this article. It contains picture, table of contents, a few sections dedicated to the topic, 'See also', 'References' and 'External links' sections on the bottom. Share buttons unit and tags as well.

Use buttons on the bottom of the page to 'Edit', 'Save' and 'Preview' the article. They are the most frequently used ones.

Wizard bar
How to write article for Moneymakeia
Wizard bar is easy to use. It allows you insert link, image, HTML code and other things. Try it and learn how it works.

Table of contents
How to write article for Moneymakeia
To insert table of contents put '[[toc]]' after introduction and view result. It makes everything for you automatically.

Use wizard bar to insert images. You can use external URL or attach image to the page directly.